Grupa Armatura

20 October 2009

Due to cooperation with the Step by Step Association, the bathroom of the new Environment Mutual Aid Home was equipped with our faucets. The Association for Retarded Children “Step by Step” in Zamość has been operating since 1990. It is a non-governmental organization, associating parents, supervisors and friends of retarded children, teenagers and adults. The association runs unique and professional activities in south east Poland for integrated rehabilitation, education and social support of children and teenagers with early brain damage. Within its activities organises and finances: Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Centres for Retarded Children in Zamość and Biłgoraj, Centre for Social Elicitation and Occupational Therapy Workshops in Zamość and Biłgoraj. Thanks to this, over 2000 children get a complex rehabilitation and education and specialist care. Another project of the association is the Environment Mutual Aid Home in Białobrzegi. The Centre will be organised in a form of a hostel where the most retarded ones can learn to be independent and resourceful under the supervision of qualified staff.

Armatura Kraków supported the Association: “Step by Step” in creating the Environment Mutual Aid Home.
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