Grupa Armatura

22 April 2006

Armatura Krakow SA as one of the few companies in the branch participated in the international fairs in Russia and Ukraine held in February and March 2006. The goal of participating in the fairs was most of all, establishing new commercial contacts and using the opportunity in dynamically growing eastern markets. Considering changing customer’s preferences, Armatura apart from its standard assortment, presented exclusive collection Premium Class. Participation in the Moscow fair Aqua Term bared fruits in the form of contract condition negotiated upon which Armatura will begin sales to a newly opened tap ware centre in Mongolia. Aqua Term is the biggest fair event of this kind in Russia. It gathers exhibitors from the heating and tap ware branch from Europe and Asia. As an example of Armatura shows, these fairs are an excellent occasion for meeting not only potential contractors from Russia, but also from Byelorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and even Italy. New trade contacts are also an effect of another branch fair. The Kiev fair Santechnika organised during the biggest building fairs Kiev Build were the opportunity for Armatura for strengthening its position in the Ukrainian market. In connection with dynamic development of new hypermarkets network, we negotiated with contractors who can supply Armatura products directly to commercial networks. Despite the “crisis of the fairs\" in Europe, the fairs are still the basic platform of trade contacts in Eastern Europe. It is proved by a great attendance and the number of trade contacts established by Armatura. “We are surprised with such a great amount of visitors at fairs and a lot of questions from potential contractors\" - says the export manager in Armatura Tomasz Młynarski. According to a forecast made by the export division, participation in fairs will generate the Armatura products sale increase in these countries by about 17%.

Armatura Krakow SA at the fairs in Kiev and Moscow.
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