Aluminium radiator G500F was awarded the European Medal

Grupa Armatura

01 December 2009

During the contest, a specially created verification committee judged if the quality of applied products and services meets European standards. Products nominated for the contest must meet required standards, have licences, patents. Also the company development dynamics is crucial as well as won awards and certificates. The Verification Committee also considers if the company participates in trainings, seminars on European Union, consultancies, legal analysis and market research. The European Medal is the all Poland, non commercial event organised since 2000 and its goal is promoting Polish products and services in the European market. The group of the Medal hosts was joined in 2007 by one of the most important union institutions for business, the European Economic and Social Committee seated in Brussels.

On November 27, 2009 during the finals of the nineteenth edition of a contest organised by the Business Centre Club, Committee for European Integration and The European Economic and Social Committee, the aluminium radiator G500F was awarded the European Medal.
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