New KFA brochure

Grupa Armatura

23 December 2004

This is the last KFA SA brochure issue this year. It summarises the most important events in our Company. We tried to keep the holiday feeling so that the brochure would make nice reading for winter evenings. What is interesting in this current issue? The digest of most important events connected with the Company, review of this year’s achievements, realisation of common marketing activities and some practical advice. As for the product presentation – we present this year’s laureate of the ninth Edition of the European Medal – Granit faucets. Experts from the sanitary branch comment on its qualities for your information. We shortly present this year’s winner of competition “Best KFA SA. Brand Outlet” and Strategic Customers awarded with prizes “Armatura Laureates 2004”.

The latest issue of the KFA SA brochure gives a summary of the most significant last year events in our Company…
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