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Contract of guarantee is an important document that you obtain at the moment of having purchased a specific type of product. It shall specify the exact conditions of guarantee service, including its scope and the guarantee term.

In case of having purchased sanitary fittings it is worth to become familiar with guarantee certificate of Armatura Group, a company that is a leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings in Poland. The most important for the company customers is the information that the guarantee includes all the elements of the fittings that are necessary for its proper functioning. Armatura Group in the course of the entire production process maintains very strict quality control, if, nevertheless, during operational use of the tap it will turn out that it is defective, a compliant shall be allowed within the binding contract of guarantee.

Functions does not function

In a situation when the purchased fittings malfunction, you should go to the place of purchase or possibly call directly to the manufacturer to a free telephone support of Armatura Group. Documents necessary for making a complaint comprise of properly filled out guarantee certificate and a proof of purchase of the product. It is essential that the complaint shall be lodged before the expiry of 2 months from the moment of ascertaining a defect. The contract of guarantee precisely states types of defects that give basis for making use of a guarantee, as well as the defects that cannot constitute basis for pursuing a guarantee. Defects arose as a result of irregular usufruct, both at the stage of storage, assembly, as well as a regular mode of operation, belong to the second group. A situation, in which even before fitting the tap it is being stored in a room where there is a prevailing moisture or where agents causing rust are stored, can be an example here. A claim cannot also be allowed in the instant when the tap does not function due to incorrect installation, or when it was not used according to its intended use. Ascertained third party interference in the tap mechanism, that is, in other words, independent repairs of the tap can also constitute a basis for not allowing a claim. Experience shows that the defects arise in the moment of not following the tap installation instructions, when for example you do not remember about accurate flushing of the system just before installation. After all, installation instructions come very useful and can bring the importance of malfunctioning that can be the result of possible defects of the fittings. However, as it turns out, not everybody remembers to view the product very precisely already at the moment of purchase and repeatedly only just at home they discover e.g. mechanical defects. Spotting the product defect at the moment when the customer has already left the shop may raise doubts as to which person shall be responsible for the defect, manufacturer or still the user. That is why a mechanical defect may not be acknowledged by the guarantee service as a defect that arose through the manufacturer’s fault. Also the issue of maintaining the cleanliness of the tap shall not be that unequivocal, because it is necessary to use appropriate chemical agents intended for this type of surface.


Products of the highest quality

Among the rich offer of the taps only few manufacturers can boast about the highest quality of their products. Undoubtedly, Armatura Group belongs to such group of manufacturers, which gives their customers a guarantee of high quality of the tap elements casted by the company. A guarantee certificate for each product presents detailed data in a reference to the subject. In a situation when there is a necessity to raise a compliant against products of Armatura Group, as has already been mentioned, a customer has two ways at his disposal, namely to apply at a retail outlet, in which they have made the purchase or to contact a free telephone support 0 800 433 334. In accordance with the adopted standards of customer service, Armatura Group conducts repairs, or replacements up to 48 hours from the date of reporting the acknowledged complaint. Replacement of the tap for a new one of the same model, or of a similar one, takes place when it is not possible to acquit from the established time of 48 hours, which is predetermined for removing a defect. The simplest way to commission removal of the present defect is to apply at an authorised service of Armatura Group. In order to avoid the situation problematic for many customers, in which it is necessary to report a complaint, it is worth to get used to making use of the instruction manuals and, which is also of the same importance, to get used to reading contracts of guarantee carefully.

Contract of guarantee is an important document that you obtain at the moment of having purchased a specific type of product. It shall specify the exact conditions of guarantee service, including its scope and the guarantee term.

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